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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a promo code?

    A promo code is used during checkout to receive a discount on your online purchase. This code is also referred to as a coupon code, discount code, voucher code, or digital coupon. You can find promo codes for many brands here at CouponSend. Start saving today!

  • How can I get a discount or promo code every time I shop?

    Having to search everywhere for a specific retailer coupon code can be challenging. With CouponSend, you can easily search for the retailer you are shopping with and get a list of coupon codes that you can copy with just one click!

  • Do promo codes work?

    Yes, but be quick because many are valid for a short time. Often, retailers run promo code campaigns to attract more shoppers during a certain time. If you find one that works, we recommend that you quickly make the purchase before the coupon expires or run out. According to our surveys, most of our coupon codes have a high success rate.